ULUPUH: Exhibition – The Connecting Thread “A”

ULUPUH: Exhibition – The Connecting Thread “A”

This catalogue/brochure design was made for ULUPUH textile section exhibition.

The ULUPUH Gallery is the gallery of the Association of Artists of the Applied Visual Arts. In its exhibition work, the Gallery covers various sections of applied art: architecture, horticulture, applied painting, graphic design, photography, industrial design, ceramics, sculpting, toys and dolls, textile design, fashion design, film and theatre, caricature and cartoon, jewellery design and a restoration and a multimedia section.

Every year ULUPUH organizes the Zagreb Salon, a retrospective of recent Croatian art. Every three years the International Exhibition of Graphic Design and Visual Communications – ZGRAF – is held, the objective being to promote graphic design on the highest aesthetic principles, linking art and design.

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